Automatic content import and synchronization

Don’t waste time with typing and copy-pasting your institutional content to produce social media posts.

Instead, make it easier and more accessible by letting Science Map – Social Media Manager collect, import and synchronize all the content about your organization, such as publications, events, news, team members and others, automatically on a regular basis. Don’t miss any content by letting Science Map gather and inform you about it.

Science Map can collect your institutional content from different sources simultaneously, such as electronic repositories, data feeds or simply from your institutional website. Such connectors will be configured by our team once you decide to use Science Map – Social Media Manager.

Make your social media content building blocks automatically be present for you​

Automatic template based post preparation

Don’t start from scratch, let Science Map do the basic work for you.

Science Map – Social Media Manager gives you the ability to work with a library of customizeable post templates as starting point for your institutional social media posts. Those libraries are organized by content type, like publications or news, reason, like new content or updates, and your social media channels. Whenever Science Map detects new or updated content, the best fitting post template will automatically be filled out by that content and offered you as a stating point for further editing.

To begin with, let Science Map automatically fill out post templates

Involve your team to optimize your posting

To improve your social media posts and give them a personal touch, you can simply involve your colleagues directly through Science Map.

Just write a short question and a placeholder in your post. Science Map will immediately inform and remind your colleague to contribute by simply writing a short contribution via mail, without the need to deal with Science Map – Social Media Manager individually.

Once your colleague answers, you will automatically be informed by mail, including the complete post. You can easily edit, post or schedule it to be posted, just by a few clicks.

Involve your colleagues to improve your automatically prepared social media posts and give them a personal touch

Orchestrate post campaigns

Science Map – Social Media Manager enables you to schedule regular post-campaigns which can be performed simultaneously on all your organizational content and on different social media channels.

Here you can also work with customizable post templates and orchestrate your campaigns by involving your colleagues to optimize your posts.

Science Map will make sure that the posts are available in due time, according to your predefined campaign post intervals.

Orchestrate regular post-campaigns about all your different content and involve colleagues to optimize your posts